Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium

Aluminium is one of the most common metallic elements in the earth’s crust. It’s special metallurgical properties and the multiple benefits in processing and application making it the most versatile metal.

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The main areas for application of aluminium are:

  • In architecture
  • Household
  • In the packaging industry
  • In the aircraft industry
  • In the automotive industry

Beside our main product range, we also offer:

  • Acidic degreasers applied especially for cleaning and degreasing prior to acidic brightening
  • Additives for anodizing baths to improve temperature and coloring behavior
  • Products for gold coloring and organic dyes
  • Modification of our stabilizer in direction better stabilization or better throwing power
  • We are specialized in preparing any required mixture for brightening processes according to the specific needs of our customers
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The aluminium quality itself, the intended further processing and the respective surface contamination are crucial for the choice of the products to be used.

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