Products for Hotels

Our product line for cleaning & sanitizing in the hotel industry:

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Maintenance Cleaning


Floor washing & care

Advanced wiping maintenance agent for cleaning based on water-soluble polymers. The developing protective film protects against future soilings and has anti-slip properties. “Glanzwischpflege” does not build up unwanted layers.

Window & Glass Cleaner

Cleans all glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors and tiles from all kind of soiling. Even oily and fatty residues or traces of nicotine are removed. Generates streak-free, shiny surfaces

Fine Stoneware Cleaner

Highly effective alkaline cleaner concentrate that can be used on all alkali-resistent surfaces. Also suitable for use in automatic cleaning machines and high-pressure cleaners. Economic concentrate. Cleans and cares.

Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo

Detaches soiling of all kinds from carpets, upholstery, runners and car seats. Removes dirt and water marks and brightens up old colours. With antistatic additive.

Surface Cleaner

Ready to use surface cleaner for all water resistant surfaces. The fast acting, practical cleaner for hotels and restaurants ensures a nice smell for an improvement of the room atmosphere.


Maintenance Cleaners for all Sanitary Surfaces


Sanitizer with germ stopper

Suitable for all materials and surfaces in the bathroom and toilet. Detaches lime scale and water stains. The antimicrobial component counteracts nasty smells, fungal stains and bacterial infestation.

Badreiniger Complete

Ready-to-use cleaner for all fittings in bathromms and toilettes. With fresh smell. Surfaces should be tested if acid resistant.


Urin- and limescale solvent

For the cleaning of urinals and gutters as well as other ceramic sanitary objects. Removes urin and limescale as well as rust deposits. Not suitable for fittings and anodized surfaces.

Des A

Alcohol based surfaces disinfection for all surfaces. No final rinse required. Base: 2-propanol (Isopropanol). Drying time = exposure time.


Devices / Useful Accessories

 Carts with garbage bag holder

Pressure sprayer “Geizhals”

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