Products for Bakeries

Our product line for cleaning & sanitizing in the baking industry:

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Cleaning of aluminium baking sheets/trays


BBR Plus

Liquid, alkaline intensive-cleaner esspecially designed for the cleaning of aluminium baking sheets with holes in it. Best cleaning results without remarkable surface attack to the aluminium. Already effective at low concentrations and low temperatures. Powerfull and highly efficient to remove burned in residues. Application method: immersion.


Flüssig 100 AL

Liquid, high-alkaline intensive cleaner for all commercial dishwashers. Cleans powerfull and highly effective even dried-on leftovers. Strongly germicidal. With aluminium protection.


Crate Cleaning


Flüssig 150

Liquid, non-foaming intensive cleaner for plastic crates of the food industry. Suitable for use in all standard commercial crate cleaning washers using automatic dosing. Cleans strongly encrusted and greasy items to be washed. Strongly germicidal. Contains available chlorine.


Flüssig 400

Liquid, non-foaming, alkaline intensive cleaner for plastic crates of the food industry. Suitable for use in all standard commercial crate cleaning washers using automatic dosing. Cleans strongly encrusted and greasy items to be washed. Suitable for soft- and hard water conditions due to special complexing agents.



Liquid descaler and acid cleaner for effective descaling of washing machines and cleaning of plastic crates. Reduces energy consumption. Removes easily lime deposites, fat and pigment residues.


Klarspüler S

Acid based concentrated rinse aid and high-shine drying aid for all types of dishwashers. Perfect rinsing results even at low dosing volumes. Acidic based by natural citric acid.


Floor Cleaning

Degrasan® Basic Floor Cleaner “Extra strong”

Basic cleaner for removing fatty, oily soiling and old gloss layers on PVC, stone, ceramic and laminate floors. Even fully effective on heavily soiled tiles in the workshop area. Low-foam formulation and suitable for use in machines.

Degrasan® SR 600


Alkaline based, highly effective foam cleaner containing available chlorine. Removes protein and fat particularly effective.

Degrasan® SR 180

Floor Cleaner

Alkaline, highly effective foam cleaner. Removes protein and fat particular effective. Without chlorine.


Cleaning of Baking Ovens & Fryers


Ready-to-use product for the removal of obstinate dirt from baking ovens and grills. Backofenblitz removes baked-on and older caked grease and fat contamination in a simple way. Instant effect at lowest possible alkalinity.


Special Products for the Bakery Shop

Surface Cleaner

Ready to use surface cleaner for all water resistant surfaces. The fast acting, practical cleaner for hotels and restaurants ensures a nice smell for an improvement of the room atmosphere.

Window & Glass Cleaner

Cleans all glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors and tiles from all kind of soiling. Even oily and fatty residues or traces of nicotine are removed. Generates streak-free, shiny surfaces.


Floor washing & care

Advanced wiping maintenance agent for cleaning based on water-soluble polymers. The developing protective film protects against future soilings and has anti-slip properties. “Glanzwischpflege” does not build up unwanted layers.

Grease Remover Plus Des

Mildly alkaline, universal grease remover for all waterproof surfaces in industrial kitchens and in the food processing industry. With superior grease-removing properties and simultaneously material-protecting formulation. Concentrate. Suitable for aluminium, laquered surfaces and wood. Safe for the user. No hazardous material.

Des A

Alcohol based surface disinfection for all surfaces to  be sanitized without rinse. Base: 2-propanol (IPA).

Drying time = reaction time.


General Cleaning & Care

Stainless-Steel Care

Liquid product with excellent cleaning and caring properties and easy to process. Surfaces can be cleaned quickly and gently and receive a new shine. The preserving action of the recipe protects against any new dirt pick-up acting antistatically. Removes finger prints from stainless steel and aluminium.

Cream soap – antibacterial

DIN EN 1499

For hygienic washing of the hands. We recommend the use of a disinfecting wash lotion specifically following bioloaded work processes in the field of food processing. Dermatologically tested.

Caution: Products for hygienic washing of the hands do not replace alcoholic preparations for hand disinfection!

Des HD

Highly effective, liquid product for the sanitation of hands based on alcohols. Acting bactericidal, tubercularcidal, fungicidal, virusinactivating.

Care Cream

Care Cream has been designed for frequent application in the case of heavily stressed skin. Cares for the skin during and after work, keeping it smooth and supple. Supports sustained and fast skin regeneration, lipid regulating, silicon-free, dermatologically tested.


Sanitary Area


Sanitizer with germ stopper

Suitable for all materials and surfaces in the bathroom and toilet. Detaches lime scale and water stains. The antimicrobial component counteracts nasty smells, fungal stains and bacterial infestation.

Badreiniger Complete

Ready-to-use cleaner for all fittings in bathromms and toilettes. With fresh smell. Surfaces should be tested if acid resistant.


Urin- and limescale solvent

For the cleaning of urinals and gutters as well as other ceramic sanitary objects. Removes urin and limescale as well as rust deposits. Not suitable for fittings and anodized surfaces.

Des A

Alcohol based surfaces disinfection for all surfaces. No final rinse required. Base: 2-propanol (Isopropanol). Drying time = exposure time.


Devices / Useful Accessories

 Devices for easy foam application

Pressure sprayer “Geizhals”

Automatic dosing units

Dispenser for hand cleaning & sanitation   •   paper dispenser

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