Cleaning & Sanitizing

As a manufacturer and specialist of detergents and disinfectants, we know the needs of our customers exactly, as well as the specific questions about such products. We are your partner for Cleaning & Sanitation in the Food Processing Industry.

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We offer:

  • Acid based cleaners
  • Alkaline based cleaners
  • Neutral based cleaners
  • Combined cleaning and sanitation
  • One-Phase cleaning
  • Sanitizers of all kind
  • Bottle washing additives
  • Chain lubricants
  • Specialities
  • Equipments


In addition:


The product overview shows only part of our complete product range. Contact us to request further details.

Interested in becoming our partner? If you have relation or contact to companies active in the Food Processing Industry or to companies active in the field of Metal Surface Treatment – we want to meet you!